Thursday, August 23, 2007

More ramblings from Simpson Bay, St. Maarten SXM

I noticed yesterday when we were having our sundowners on the foredeck, that the topography of the beach has changed... either the sand has been pushed back thus making a 2-foot high cliff, or more likely the sand has been sucked away from the beach due to the swell after Hurricane Dean. Part of the beach closest to the bridge seems to have eroded right up to the wall behind a couple of the beach houses. It will be interesting to watch and see if/when nature restores this.

Today we will be going to FedEx to pickup a much needed piece of mail. $45 to have one envelope sent from Florida to St. Maarten. So It Goes... But, the envelope was picked up at about 4:30pm Monday in Florida and arrived in St. Maarten on Tuesday before noon! Last month we had our bank send us a cashier's check so we could renew our passports and they would only send it via DHL (Drop Hard & Lose)... well, DHL did lose it although they wouldn't admit to it which wasted about a week on our end. We then had the bank send it to our mail service in Florida who then sent it to us directly to FedEx in SXM and hey presto, no problem... got it within 2 days.

Speaking of mail services, in St. Maarten we use The Mailbox. It is located behind the Palapa Marina on Airport Road, conveniently located near the video rental store and a cash machine across the street. I started ranting about another mail service who caters to boaters but decided to spare you... (but I am offended that she comes on the VHF cruiser's radio net to advertise her services and no mention is given to alternatives. Yes, I could get on and plug The Mailbox but I don't think advertising on a VHF net is right. If a cruiser asks for info on the net, then a list of companies could be given). Anyway, I recommend The Mailbox over the other place... 'nuf said.

We ordered a pole spear yesterday and we are now waiting for that. I doubt if we'll get it in Saturday's mail but should have it by Wednesday. Then we should be good to go!

Going to the movies tonight!