Tuesday, September 11, 2007


We have past the hump day .... HURRAY !!!

Wonderful !!! We are on the downward slope. But wait! What's this?

The models for 91L have started to agree in their storm tracks a bit better. The other day, one was going straight and then dropping towards Trinidad, another went straight through, another went straight and then pointed at US (oh my!), and then another was almost pointing backwards.... Remember, these are just models and not the Gospel of the NHC.

We are definitely going to be keeping an eye on this possible storm and see what develops.

We seem to be getting better (healthier). It is quite normal for me to be sick for a week or two when I get something. At least that doesn't happen very often here in the Caribbean... not like when we lived in France and I commuted to Paris everyday to go to work at OECD. The guy at the gas dock recommended a cure of "tea, honey, and white rum". Well, we don't have any honey so I went for straight Appleton rum. It's good, plus a great value at $5-something a litre. But, what I think really helped was garlic. Bob made Tortellini with butter & garlic and the next day I was better! Remember the Les Blanc documentary "Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers"? Anyway, what I was getting at was (Alice... remember Alice? This is a song about Alice... Oops! there I go again)... Anyway, what I was trying to say is that we are now feeling better and can quickly do a couple of things to the boat and get out of here in a hurry if need be.

It's Tuesday! The lunch special at Peg Leg's is meat loaf on Tuesdays but now it's too late. Oh well, so it goes...

Have a good one!