Thursday, January 10, 2008

Budget Marine SXM - Unmarked Price Hikes

I just wanted to warn people that Budget Marine in St. Maarten has raised their prices on most items so check your receipt...

Monday when we were at Budget Marine, Bob picked up a pair of small fittings and was talking to someone while I paid for them. I thought they were pretty expensive but so it goes.... Bob was surprised when I told him they were $8.30/each and with our 20% discount for this item it came to $11.65.

Budget has been bad lately. Most of their items are not priced and only have the bar code. If you are lucky, there is a price tag sticker on the shelf or at the end of the rack. This one had a ticket at the end of the rack and it said $5.60. That's a big jump from $5.60 to $8.30 so I went to the cashier and I expected her to refuse my complaint and just tell me that the sticker is wrong and the price in the computer is right (I've had this happen too many times). But surprise... she gave me a refund! Plus the old price had a 30% discount for my account, so I only charged $3.92 for BOTH items and got $7.70 back. Wow, I was pleasantly shocked!.