Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Post X-Files Sighting

I went outside last night to cool off a bit after watching two episodes of the X-FILES. I noticed a red glowing light low in the water, just off our port side... Definitely not a light from a passing dinghy... It wasn't moving much, just kind of hovering and bobbing along out there ("the truth is out there")... I told Bob to come look but he couldn't see it... I could though. Are my eyes playing tricks? Is it a problem with my glasses? Whew, he finally saw it and we went out in the dinghy to investigate.

We hunted about but it was nowhere to be seen. Then as we were returning to the boat, there it was... a red light with a weird rattling sound eminating from it. After several passes, I managed to scoop it up in the dinghy bailer. It was a lighted bobber that one of the guys that were fishing off of the rocks must have lost.

The kittens Willow & Buffy think it is really cool.

Kittens Willow with new toy

So do I :)