Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tropical Storm Bertha 1996 / 2008

Wow, Bertha... again. Bertha was our first named storm when we came to the Caribbean. We put Loose Moose in the Hurricane Hole near Marin, Martinique. We were horrified to see how the bareboat companies brought their boats in and just plopped the anchor over with no regards for their (well, not really the employees' boat so who cares!) boats or other boats anchored there.

Fortunately, with Loose Moose's flat bottom (board up!) we were able to pull ourselves into this little creek at the corner of the hurricane hole. No one could ever come close to us there... except for the creepy spiders and other insects.

Anyway, Bertha of 1996 didn't seem to affect Martinique at all. St. Thomas did get hit and quite a few boats were lost (Hurricane Marilyn was the year before).

But now we have another Bertha. According to the models, it looks like Bertha 2008 will give the Caribbean a pass.

Here's the July 3, 2008 @ 11am EDT 5-day prediction from NOAA

We're not going to let it spoil our 4th of July weekend!