Monday, January 05, 2009

French St. Martin - New cruising / anchoring fees

Well, we were warned about this two years ago... The French side of St. Martin has finally instituted their cruising / anchoring fees.

On the SXM cruiser's net, a few boats said that beginning January 1, 2009 that the French side is now charging 0.35 euros per meter per day, along with an administration clearance fee. Someone was complaining that they are 45 feet and being charged 5 euros/day ($7). Not sure if there is a minimum fee. I bet this has made the Dutch side of Sint Maarten very happy.

What we are reporting is only 3rd hand so we intend to go to Marigot and find out for ourselves directly from the horse's mouth. We'll let you know ASAP what the new fee structure is.