Monday, February 02, 2009


Happy Groundhog Day 2009!

Well, according to Punxsutawney Phil, there will be another SIX weeks of winter!

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You can see the official declaration at

Take a look at the pictures here (scroll down a bit)... Reminds me of a Jimmy Buffett concert!

Jeff Masters at Wunderground explains how this crazy tradition started:
It all started in Europe, centuries ago, when February 2 was a holiday called Candlemas. On Candlemas, people prayed for mild weather for the remainder of winter. The superstition arose that if a hibernating badger woke up and saw its shadow on Candlemas, there would be six more weeks of severe winter weather. When Europeans settled the New World, they didn't find any badgers. So, instead of building wooden badgers, they decided to use native groundhogs (aka the woodchuck, land beaver, or whistlepig) as their prognosticating rodent.
I've always enjoyed this holiday. Does Hallmark make cards for it?