Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Cat Photo

Here's a cat with interesting markings. Happy Valentine's Day!

Bob found this picture at

Our first ship's cat, Wacka, had a Star Trek Enterprise insignia on her back. Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures as this was in the days before digital cameras and we didn't take many photos when we lived in France.

Then again, most of the few photos we do have were ruined when our office was flooded by the apartment above us in St. Maarten. My most missed photo is a picture of Bob with very long, curly hair that was taken during the winter that we stayed in the marina at Carrières-sous-Poissy on the Seine, west of Paris.

Here's me & Wacka (circa 1987?) on the Marne river in Meaux France aboard our first Loose Moose.

Have a good one!