Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friday Boat Cat Blogging... Fun stuff!

Hurray, it's still Friday so I can put up our Friday BOAT Cat Blogging post!

Ships Cat Bree, of Lealea
Here's a boat cat that has her own blog (Bree, the Cruising Kitty's Blog), although she hasn't written in a while... must be busy doing cat stuff.

You know, something like this...
Willow and Buffy, Boat cats aboard the fantastic, classic, plastic CAL-34 So It Goes
Buffy and Willow at the tender age of 16 months are getting pretty good at it :)

While the humans of Lealea were waiting for Bree to get her act together and put together her first blog post, they typed up a little about her...

Ships Cat Bree, of Lealea
I loved the photo of Bree in her kitty life jacket. Back when we were moored in Joinville-Le-Pont (just outside of Paris) France, we ordered Wacka & Bullwinkle PFDs. They couldn't walk in them. Poor Wacka would take a step and fall over sideways! Don't know why, maybe they were just smart and knew we wouldn't make them wear this cute little yellow fashion statement :)

Ships Cat Bree, of Lealea
In her blog, Bree says "I feel just like one of those Viking Kittens" which is referring to this Flash video which made me laugh. It was also enlightening because I've never gotten all of the words to Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song.

Thanks guys!