Thursday, April 02, 2009

St Martin Marine Flea Market Postponed & Today's Photos

Today we went to the French side to pay for our storage at Time Out Boat Yard. We found out that Dominique only works until 2pm so, we'll have to go back tomorrow. We don't mind... it's a bit of a dinghy trip (and sometimes into a nasty chop), but we can buy a nice baguette which makes it worthwhile.

We heard a rumour that there would not be a Marine Flea Market / Boat Jumble this Saturday (normally 1st Saturday of the month from December through June). This has been confirmed. Fabrice is getting married! Felicitations!!!

There will not be a flea market the following week because that is Easter weekend... My guess is that it will not happen this month. JC is back and he'll probably make an announcement next week on the SXM Cruisers Net (VHF Ch.14 @ 07:30am, Mon-Sat).

© 2009 Photo by Paradise Connections

We walked over to the store (US Import) and bought a hunk of brie, two baguettes, a $3 bottle of Pastis! Mmmmmm!!! Guess what we are having for sundowners today.

We then returned to the Dutch side and stopped in at Gourmet Marche to pick up a couple of things, returned the DVDs, and checked our mail at The Mailbox.

We had to laugh and get a picture of the menu signboard outside of Taco Macho...

Moosrum sauce?!

A dodger like this megayacht's dinghy has would come in very handy when traversing the lagoon.

They are definitely going to keep their shopping dry.

And here's a picture of Buffy... doing what cats do so well :)

This is one of their favorite places to sleep... on top of the cat carrier. How they have grown!

It has been a beautiful day. Hope you're having a good one!