Sunday, May 24, 2009

HOT days in boatyard

Day 12 in the boatyard... Can't believe it's been that long, but according to the calendar, yes! We hauled out on May 13th.

Bob just finished sanding the old antifouling bottom paint but we'll wait until tomorrow (Memorial Day Monday is not a holiday in SXM) as we have to tape over the red boottop that we just gave a 2nd coat to this morning.

Lots of other things to do in the meantime though :)

One of the nasty things about being hauled out "on the hard" is the mosquitos... another thing is the heat... It's HOT inside the boat! Right now the thermometer behind my head says 95.5F (35.3C). Friday afternoon it was over 98F (37C)...

But, a couple of things that we do appreciate here at the Island Water World boatyard in St. Maarten is that we are on asphalt and not dirt... no mud and less dust!!! Also, I like their shower. No hot water but that's not really necessary... but there are still mosquitos... So It Goes...

Hope to splash on Tuesday afternoon.