Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fruits de Mer - SQUID

I admit that I have been a fussy eater. When I first met Bob, I didn't eat things like onion, green pepper, mushrooms, curries, spices, etc. which now I LOVE! As a kid, I'd eat Campbells Vegetable BEEF (didn't like Vegetable) soup but remove the green beans, onions and most of the beef :) My family's meals were basically a bland meat & potato type of thing.

( Something the cats brought inside one morning. Thanks, Buffy & Willow! )

So, although my eating habits were becoming a bit more adventurous, I still did not care for critters like langouistines in their full body armour, mussels, squids, octopus... my boss made out well when he took me out for Sushi lunches in Paris :)

When French boat friends asked us over for dinner one evening, she asked what I didn't eat and I replied fruits de mer. So, guess what she served... SQUID! Well, I didn't have any of that, just good ole veggies for me that night.

All of this preamble is to mention that Bob has posted a video on "An Island Gourmand" which makes me want to try squid. Isn't that amazing... Me wanting to try squid!!!

Check it out: Squid Done Right...

He has a more recent post on mussels but I'm still not too into them... one baby step at a time :)