Monday, August 17, 2009

Tropical Storm & Depression ANA

Yesterday afternoon we had a sundowner on the foredeck, it was the best we've had in weeks as the wind wasn't blowing the cheese and crackers off the plate. It was pleasantly calm and we enjoyed our drink, cheesy-whats-its, and of course, quality time with Buffy & Willow. Our neighbor throws out bread for the birds around 5pm and our cats really enjoy the show.

We were surprised to see this sailboat anchor between two wrecks... sort of like they were tying up in the mangroves :) Not a spot I would choose, but then, that's me...

(Click on photos to enlarge)

The wreck on the left dragged there during Hurricane Omar last year. It was previously across the way at Explorer Island. The sailboat wreck to the right, has been there longer than we've been here... possibly Lenny?

This French catamaran (a Punch) came in Sunday afternoon. We've always liked the design and the various ways they paint them. I was happy to see that they were still in the same place this morning.

In the newspaper this morning, they said that 50 boats came into the Simpson Bay Lagoon yesterday to shelter from the upcoming storms. Quite a few workboats were required to leave Philipsburg and came through the 5:30pm bridge. There were many small cargo ships, tugs, and barges that came in. A couple were in our neck of the woods.

I was keeping an eye on this one, and when I looked out at 2:00am he didn't seem to be in his original spot. Between 2am and 3am he was moving about. At one time we thought he was going to anchor directly in front of us so we put on our deck lights to be noticed. He then moved over a bit. Looked like he was directly behind the sailboat between the two wrecks mentioned previously... wonder what they thought about that! But later, he had dropped (dragged?) back and he tied up his stern to the mooring buoy that the Omar wreck in the previous picture had dragged there. I hope it has more holding power than a fish trap :)

Here's another lagoon photo. It doesn't really do justice to the white caps that we were having.

We are very happy to have stayed in the same spot all night.

We hope that Hurricane Bill will follow the predicted path and stay well out of our way. Bill sounds so friendly but...

We didn't sleep very well, and neither did Buffy & Willow. We're taking it easy today, napping & nibbling. It's calmed down so I'll see if the cats want to sit outside with me for a bit.