Tuesday, September 01, 2009

TS Erika didn't have a depression

Just checked 5pm NOAA forecast concerning Invest 94L that everyone has been watching. Skipped the Depression phase and went to straight to a named storm... Tropical Storm Erika.

Tropical Storm ERIKA Sept 2009

StormPulse.com gives an interesting view of tropical storms

Looks like Thursday at 2am (at least there's a full moon now) it might start to become a bit breezy here in St. Martin.

Tomorrow we'll go and gasoline and water. Top up the charge in the 48V bank and do "The Drill"... hopefully all for nothing... Let's hope :)

I bet we have lots of boats coming in to the Lagoon tomorrow. The Dutch bridge is open but the French bridge was scheduled to close today...

Remember that mooring that I was worried about that the Omar wreck dragged and then we had a workboat tied up to it for BILL? Well, our neighbor has tied up to it... better them than someone else. According to the wind websites, they have us down for zip wind.. We'll be keeping a look out on all of the weather sites.

So It Goes...