Friday, October 16, 2009

Shopping in St Martin - Cat Blogging Friday

The US Import supermarket (Sandy Ground near Time Out Boat Yard & the French bridge) seafood display was really pretty today so I took a couple of pictures.

The salmon is on sale for 17€90/kg

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Gasoline is still 0.85 euros/litre on the French side.

I must do a proper post on prices in St. Maarten / St Martin.  When we were at the Grand Marche the other day, I was really surprised to see that their regular, plain, young Gouda cheese was three times more expensive than it was a couple of years ago. I used to buy a chunk for about 9.50NAF per kilo (guilders) and now it is 29.95NAF/kg.  1.80 guilders = $1.00... it is always the same rate, unlike euros. A 300% increase in 3 years for cheese seems a bit steep to me... but it is what it is... so it goes...

I'll have to go through and price the staples like rice, sugar, eggs, Bounty paper towels, toilet paper, cat litter, etc. Must make a list.

Our friend Kerry, owner of the charter trimaran Promenade, told us that in St. Thomas USVI they paid almost $8/gallon of milk and about $4 for a loaf of white bread.

Buffy & Willow say butterflies are free (doesn't Elton John say something about that, too?) and plentiful.

Willow brought the butterfly inside and Buffy is there providing backup in case it gets away :)

Going to take laundy over to Yvonne's at Bobby's Boatyard (Lagoon) this afternoon.  That's $9/load for wash, dry & fold.