Friday, December 11, 2009

Cat Blogging Friday: Buffy & Willow in St Croix

Last Saturday about an hour into our sail from St. Thomas towards Antigua, we heard a cat meowing.  I popped open the companionway hatch and peeked in to see Buffy looking up at me.

I thought she wanted to come outside to be with us but we always keep the cats below decks when we are sailing, so I explained this to her and sat back in the cockpit to enjoy the sailing.  A few minutes later I heard Buffy again. We did have a bit of a big roll earlier and I wondered if she was OK so I went inside to check...

What a good girl! Buffy was telling me that a can of 3-in-One oil had fallen and the nozzle had broken causing the oil to leak.

I'm not sure why, but Buffy wants sooooooooooo much attention this morning. She's been quite playful and she has also been up on the salon table (a no-no but she's so sweet) a lot.

They were very well behaved when we were dismasted. I put Buffy into her cat carrier and I had to find Willow. She pawed at me from under the bed to let me know where she was, but she wouldn't come out on her own, so I had to pull her out and put her into her box.  This way I could leave the hatch open and run in and out with necessary tools, etc.  They patiently stayed in their boxes for about 2 hours... such wonderful pusscats!

and So It Goes...