Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mail Call... Received new DVDs: Farscape series

Yesterday we went to pick up our mail and we had a very heavy box from Amazon.  Good thing it came to us here and not in St Maarten where we pay beaucoup bucks for packages :)

It was our video order which included FARSCAPE, THE COMPLETE SERIES.

Now, what is so cool about this, is that it has 26 DVDs that includes all 88 episodes of Farscape, plus special feature things. Eighty-eight episodes is a lot of viewing time for only $59.99.  Talk about bang for the buck! At two episodes per night, it will take almost six weeks to watch the series, and then there's the extras, and there is a movie too (The Peacekeeper Wars).

We saw some Farscape when we lived in St. Thomas and we were always happy when they had flashbacks so we could see parts that we'd missed. We looked into buying the series before but, as I remember it was going to cost in the vicinity of $300 for the whole series.

Have to buy more popcorn...