Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Happy Carrot Cake Day - February 3

We'd like to wish you a Happy Carrot Cake Day which falls the day after Groundhog Day... Wow, what a week :)

Yesterday, we went to Schooner Bay Market and their carrots left much to be desired so we left them to succumb in peace. Today we hiked up to Pueblo at Golden Rock shopping center and their carrots were not desirable either.  Neither store had SaraLee-type cakes in their dairy case... So It Goes...

Here are two interesting recipes from Joy the Baker

I must say that I was disappointed that Joy did not have a post today for National Carrot Cake Day, although the items above look quite tasty (click on their links to check them out!).

We enjoy Joy the Baker's entertaining and informative blog. Lots of recipes with good photos! Her most recent post of February 1st is titled "My Top 10 Cookie Recipes".

I hope you'll be able to enjoy this holiday in style :)