Sunday, May 30, 2010


This morning we awoke to glorious sunshine.

It's a bit steamy outside right down with the wet ground getting heated up.

Last night was quite something though.  We had a squall go through with lots of wind and heavy rain.  That passed and then we had bouts of very heavy rainfall.  We had to pause the DVD a couple of times because we couldn't hear the show due to the noise of the rain.

Willow was very freaked out with the rain.  I wonder if her rain-phobia started with Hurricane Omar? Buffy doesn't mind usually.  She'll even stay outside if it is raining lightly.

I thought Bob was joking in BoatBits today when he said it's been raining for 40 days.  Seemed to me that he was referring to Bill Cosby and his Noah & the Ark routine (I love his album), but it really has been 40-ish days because we started this mast-building gig on April 9th.

So, we'll see how today goes....