Monday, June 21, 2010


Today is the official First Day of Summer... Hope yours is a nice one :)

We've had a pretty crappy windy and rainy weekend but it could have been worse.  It was a reminder to put "fix leaky hatches above the bed" on The List. We had a tropical wave pop through which was one of those that might develop into something.  The sky was back to its normal pretty blue color this morning but now it is gray and a bit rainy looking... So It Goes...

I was surprised to see that there's a new weather system (Invest 93) now sitting on top of Curacao.  That is where we had planned to go for this "summer" season (don't use the "H" word).

The first day of summer means today is FĂȘte de la Musique!  Oh, to be in Paris today... It is so cool because there are bandstands set up everywhere (along with stalls for food & drink) and it seems like each time you turn a corner there's someone playing...

One year we accidentally ran across Joan Baez singing at Place de la Concorde. That was a surprise.

Of course it is not just a Paris festival but all over.  It is just that LOTS happened in the Paris area. We had good times in the south as well.

Maybe next year :)