Sunday, July 11, 2010

Installing Lifeline Netting

We bought some lifeline netting back when we first got our two little kittens.

 Our first meeting at our vet's pet adoption center in St Maarten

They were especially worrisome as the little tykes would run around the deck at night (cats love the dark) and we were always hoping NOT to hear thumpa thumpa thumpa screech (like fingernails on a blackboard) screech and then PLOOF (as the French would say).

When we put the netting up to the lifelines it just wouldn't go on straight.  There must be a trick. Yes, there is... Matt Grant tells us it is all in the diagonals...

I found this FREE instructional video over at the website. There are other handy goodies over there too, so take a look.

The cats have not gone PLOOF (low center of gravity, and fiberglass-piercing claws) but after we install our new stanchions (many were bent or broken when we lost the mast) we'll put up the netting now that we can see how simple it is.