Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday BOAT Cat Blogging - New Camera

Awhile back I was ranting about my camera because it eats batteries. It seemed like everytime I wanted to take a picture it would say "FEED ME".  Also, the automatic "lens cap" doesn't close all the way, and sometimes it would stick and not fully open which would make for artistic shots with the photo appearing in a diagonal slash... Sort of like the white stripe on a dive flag.

Yesterday, we saw an ad in the newspaper that KMart had a 12MP GE-A1250 digital camera on sale for $69.95. That's an affordable price for a point-and-shoot camera that I can put in my purse or daypack.  I looked up product comments on the internet and it seemed like its battery life was OK. We have learned that if you see something and want it... buy it.  In the Caribbean we have limited quantities and quite often if you go back later in the week its gone.  If you snooze, you lose.

We decided to take the noon bus up to KMart (have lunch at Wendy's first) and see if they had them in stock.  The employees in the electronics department didn't know where the cameras were but I found them in a display case that was covered in papers and things.

Bought it. Set it up.  Took the first picture...

First photo with new camera: Willow has the honor
 Not bad!

It will be nice having a camera that I can carry again.  Our DSLR is a super camera but too much to lug about everyday for a possible, impromptu photo op.

So far, so good :)