Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday BOAT Cat Blogging - Buffy in a Box - Hurricane Igor coming

Ever since Hurricane Earl blew by us in St Croix, we've had a bit of rolliness out here in Gallows Bay. At least it is caused by natural sea conditions and not by the powerboats.  Most of the motorboats were hauled out for the storm and have been on the hard for two weeks. Yesterday it has started back up though...  The worst are the huge wakes from the sportfisherman boats.  By the time their wake hits (and rockets the waffle mix accross the cabin) they are a mile away.  Our 6am waker is also back in business :) So It Goes...

This is how Buffy deals with the roll.

She gets a good night's sleep with this close-fitting box. It holds her solid and keeps her from rocking back and forth.  Smart kitten...

Last night we watched a couple of episodes of Mad Men and now Telstar is running through my head... Do you know which song I mean?  Click here and play sample at your own risk

Oh, I almost forgot.... Start pushing soon-to-be Hurricane Igor to the North. He's heading dead west and they keep postponing his curve to the northwest so we need to give him a little PUSH!  He's forecast to be at 17.5N / 52.5W at 0600GMT on Tuesday morning which is pretty much still straight across from us (17.45N / 64.42W) although 800 miles due east as a category 3 storm. They say he's going to be a large one, but with a name like Igor, that's pretty much expected.

I think I'll listen to Telstar again to get thoughts of Igor out of my head... Must close hatches.... it's raining.