Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Tropical Storm Fiona - St Croix US Virgin Islands

Tropical Storm Fiona is about 200 miles to the northeast of St Croix.  She has passed us by but we just had about an hour of rain.  Some of it was pretty hard, too.  Bob & I went for a swim while it was raining. It was very nice.

Now we see that we now have Tropical Depression #9.  Whoopee.

It has quite a wide swath for its cone of death.  Here is the current (11am) forecast from the Stormpulse website.

Click image to enlarge

I put on the Forecast Models option.  I prefer the orange one. It shows that it is currently 1966 (that was a good year) miles from St Croix. It's still early days for TD9 so we'll just patiently wait and see what happens.

Look at the Hurricane Weather Widget over in the right hand column... You might have to scroll down a bit or maybe up a tad... It is very colorful right now with all of the various storm paths. 

So It Goes...