Monday, October 11, 2010


The rain is letting up. Yesterday was pretty much rain free, with the exception of a few light, short showers.  Last night it started to rain so I closed up the boat, but so far so good for today!

EXCEPT that a bee or wasp (something yellow and buzzy) flew in while I was busy typing away. It went under the salon table and I felt it clench its little legs when it landed on my finger. Eeeew, I can still feel it... I quickly moved out of its way to give our visitor some space. He flew about the table and then climbed into my coffee cup.  We put a saucer on top and no more worries for me.

About a half hour later, the bee's buddy comes in to look for his friend.  He sees Bob's coffee cup (mine still has the saucer on it) and goes inside to get a buzz on.

I've read stuff about bees and beer bottles, but coffee seems to work and we get bees in the morning (no beer)...

So They Go!