Friday, October 29, 2010

Treat or Treat... It's Tomas!

Wonderful... Great... Super... SHUCKY DARN... FRELL !!!

We went for a bit of a swim this afternoon and when we turned on the computers afterwards, Bob said "Tropical Storm Tomas"

This morning it was just a tropical disturbance way down there skirting South America. They sent the hurricane hunters in at 2pm to check it out.

It's still early but we are certainly going to be watching every update. Stormpulse shows that if it stays on its current forecasted track that the center of Tomas will be 270 miles south-ish of St Croix at 2pm Halloween and a category 1.

UPDATE:  Dr. Jeff Masters of is certainly working late tonight.  He just published this blog post at 9:30pm. Waiting for the NOAA/National Hurricane Center 11pm update...

So It Goes...

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