Thursday, November 04, 2010

Nice photos from the BVIs - Charter Yacht Promenade

My friend Kerry, owner-operator of the sailing-diving charter yacht Promenade, has some of her family aboard this week for her first yacht charter of the season.

Here's a couple of interesting photos they have taken this week...

Fishing Bat


Diver silhouette

Blue Coral


We hope to find some critters soon. We haven't been able to try our new lobster snare that Bob made due to sinus issues :(

These bushwackers sure look tasty!

Here's a video of the Charter Yacht Promenade 'cuz you might like to see who I talking about from time to time...

If you are interested in chartering Promenade contact Paradise Connections Yacht Charters.  Promenade has 2 cabins available on their cabin week (beginning February 13 for either 6 or 10 nights), plus they are having a special all-inclusive deal for the summer and take groups of up to ten guests...

We only make a few pennies on purchases but everything helps and we appreciate it!