Saturday, November 20, 2010

Patti Smith's Book: Just Kids. And other STX stuff

Congratulations to Patti Smith for winning the National Book Award for Nonfiction for her New York Times Best-Seller, Just Kids.

I saw Patti Smith in the summer of 1979 (30+ years???? No way!) in Seattle at the Paramount.  That was (perhaps still is?) a great venue for concerts. The guy I went with (JPH) worked at a record store and was always able to score good concert seats... front row balcony. It was quite an adventure to drive up to the big city and to see her perform.

The next day, back at work in my home town, a colleague from Medical Records told me that she saw me at the concert and was so shocked to see me there... It's good to shock people :) If she only knew what I've been up to since!

As it was a punk concert, they had strict security... looking for cameras and whatever.  I didn't have safety pins in my cheek so I was pretty much overlooked.

Her hit at that time was "Because the Night" written by Bruce Springsteen, which is on her "Easter" album. (We saw "The Boss" that summer, too).

You can buy the book from Amazon as a paperback or Kindle.

***** Oh, no... We're out of coffee!!! *****

We went over to St Croix Marine to check out their "yard sale".  We bought a 1/2 gallon thermos for $2 and 46' of double-braid line for $5 (i.e. 9.2¢/foot).  We then found some reasonably priced coffee at Schooner Bay Market THANK GOODNESS!!!

STX Marine has a great deal today on a Walker Bay inflatable kayak for only $600.

Thought we'd be able to do a few epoxy/fiberglass projects today because it hasn't rained for a few days and everything has dried out pretty much (there's still some water flowing down the streets)... but GUESS WHAT???  It rained... The ropes that were out that we were waiting to dry before putting away, are wet again.  Well, at least they're getting a good fresh water rinse.

There's a Wahoo fishing tournament this weekend.  This explains why we were waked many times between 3:00 and 6:00am this morning (lines in the water at 6:30).  Is that why they're called wakes? Because they wake you up??? If it is NOT RAINING we might go check out the weighing in of fish this afternoon & see if they have put anything more out at the yard sale.

Thank you to whoever bought the power tools through Amazon. Hope your work isn't weather dependent.

So It Goes... and keeps going :)
As does Patti Smith!