Sunday, December 12, 2010

St Croix Fireworks Cruzan Christmas Festival 2010

Last night was the lighted boat parade in Christiansted which kicked off the 2010 Cruzan Christmas Festival of St Croix, US Virgin Islands. I'd estimate that over 15 boats participated. Very impressive and fun.

 copyright 2010 - Loose Moose Filmworks
Boat preparing for the lighted boat parade in Christiansted

I forgot there were to be fireworks afterwards.  There was a strange sound that I thought was our ladder banging into the hull, but then Buffy and Willow ran inside in a panic and wanted to hide. This was followed by larger booms and rattling of hull and flashes of light... They were shooting off the fireworks directly across from us on the beach.  Wonderful...

Short video of grand finale

I'm always worried about fireworks and potential damage to the boat.  This morning our deck was littered with bits of cardboard and ash.

One year when we were anchored in Long Bay, St Thomas, USVI the fireworks set Hassel Island on fire.

So, the festivities have begun... Enjoy!