Friday, February 18, 2011

A favorite cat toy... the Palmetto Bug

Warning, this post has a photo that is not for the squeemish.  I don't like it but unfortunately, I've become accustomed to it.

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The other night while we were watching an episode of Lost (we are up to season 4), I heard a cat outside making scratchy noises on the deck like she was playing with something.  A couple of minutes later, Buffy is in the salon under the table playing with something. I pause the DVD, turn on the light and ugh! Buffy proudly displays an upside-down, 2.5-inch Palmetto bug at her feet.  Yes, such a good girl, Buffy. You truly a slayer worthy of your name. Bob gets the broom and dustpan and immobilizes the bug. He goes outside and flings the Palmetto bug over the side after dislodging it from the broom where it is hiding. Buffy is patiently waiting for Bob to finish whatever he's doing and bring her trophy back inside for more frivol & frolic. We tell her that it has gone for a swim and return to our DVD.

About 10 minutes later we hear a similar scratchy sound... Willow, not to be outdone by her sister, has a Palmetto bug in the cockpit just on the other side of the companionway.  Bob, quickly dispatches this one.

It had been quite breezy until that night, so maybe this pair decided to go for a moonlight flight, settled on our boat, and were met by our security team of Buffy & Willow.

Good girls!