Friday, July 01, 2011

BVI Territory Day - July 1st - Canada Day

July 1st is British Virgin Islands Territory Day.

Hope nobody is planning to check in or clear out as those "after hours" and "holiday" fees are quite steep.

And it is also...

No too happy here in St Croix... It is gray and it is raining.  There was a little bit of rumbling thunder but not enough to make Willow growl.

We were just getting on a roll with the mast and all of its associated bits and bobs and now the weather sucks. Too windy, too rolly, too wet... And, I just found out that the contact lenses I've been happily using for years have been discontinued so I now have to get my eyes examined for a new brand. Also, it is $5.00 all you can eat taco night at the place next to Schooner Bay Market but we won't go if it's raining. We need to get water & gas but that will have to wait until the water quits falling from the sky (might try & catch some), and hopefully it won't be too bumpy which makes it difficult to lift the jerrycans from the dinghy to the deck. Did I mention that our WiFi is iffy today? Like many other days, it is OK and then S.L.O.W. and then non-existent for a bit. Of course, when you call customer service it has nothing to do with them... Argh!

I need to do something fun... I've been asked to critique a web site so maybe I'll do that... or read... maybe the cats will want to play :)

So It Goes...