Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are there Sirens in the Virgin Islands?

Why are there boats ending up on the rocks this summer in the Virgin Islands?  These are not hidden reefs and they happened to people who are familiar with the area...

Photo by Promenade
St Thomas Source story

Photo by SeaTow
VI Daily News story

Now there's this...

Photo by Clifton Skelton/BVI Platinum News

Ship Runs Aground At Wreck of the Rhone; Site Closed
BVI Platinum News, Aug 29, 2011

Very strange...

Oh yes, I forgot... We lost an oar out of our dinghy the day before TS Irene. It was lost during the night. We're sure that nobody swam out just to steal our paddle. Must have been alien abduction, then :)

So it goes...