Saturday, August 13, 2011

cat hair vs contact lenses

Message to self: Do not wash hands and then pet cat before inserting contact lenses... One might experience "discomfort".

I've been wearing my new lenses for just over 2 weeks. I used to wear Ciba Focus Torics (monthly) and because they have been discontinued, I now have an Rx for Ciba Air Optix Torics (monthly). I used to be able to wear the Focus lenses for 2 months before experiencing dryness and the new Air Optix which are supposed to supply better oxygenation (sort of like new, improved flavored cat food... how do you really know?) is feeling uncomfortable by evening after only 2 WEEKS.

I will never recommend or go back to Sterling Optical at Golden Rock in St Croix. She never once looked at how the new contacts fit my eye.  What was the increased price for then if not for a little extra exam time?