Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tropical Storm Rafael - US Virgin Islands

Well, I'm very happy to say that it is a beautiful morning today.

Yesterday was also a fine day (Rafael Day, part 1)... much better than the day before which was very breezy with lumpy seas. That's the type of rock & roll that I can do without!

Saturday's NHC 11am forecast had Rafael going right over the top of us (note the first "S"), but that didn't happen. As it was, if we didn't know better, we would not have had a clue that a tropical storm passed within 85 miles of our location.  I'm NOT complaining :)

So,  after another cup of coffee, we'll retrieve our extra ground tackle, redeploy our solar panels,  unbatten the hatches, and see what the day brings.

Hope we will have decent wifi (such an optimist) so I can check out some Android Apps from Amazon.

UPDATE: It has taken well over 90 minutes to do these few lines and trying unsuccessfully to upload a 28KB image. BroadbandVI is really the pits... We pay $60/month for this "service". This is why I haven't posted anything since July 1st. When we do have a bit of acceptable wifi, I have to do more important things first, such as update our websites, etc.

But, today is a happy dance day! Waffles for breakfast, too :)

So it goes!