Tuesday, June 04, 2013

BUDGET MARINE now in Christiansted, St Croix USVI

BUDGET MARINE St Croix has relocated to a much more convenient location in Christiansted. They are located in Gallows Bay across the street from Customs & Immigration and the commercial dock with the small cargo ships (and the ferry when there is one).

We tie up our dinghy to the small fishing dock at Gallows Bay. You could also pull your dinghy up on the beach, walk from Christiansted, or drive if you have a car as they have a large parking lot out front.

This Saturday, June 8 2013, Budget will be having a Grand Opening Celebration beginning around 11:00am.  We've were told that there would be a simple BBQ with hot dogs, raffles, prizes, music, etc.

We have been in the shop a couple of times and the owners seem genuinely friendly, helpful, nice people (and Max the dog, too!)

They have a fridge stocked with ICE CREAM and drinks which is super cool... PLUS they now have a beer license and will be able to sell cold beer!  We are looking forward to seeing what they will have on offer.

They have a consignment table for recycling your unwanted bilge treasures and they might be having a book swap shelf in the near future.

More soon come!