Sunday, June 02, 2013

Day 2 of "that time of year"

Well, today is June 2nd. I'd just like to report that we made it through the first day of the "summer season" (don't even like to say "h-season") without a hitch.

There was one guy who was throwing anchors off the bow of his boat yesterday...

Sunday seems to be off to a fine start. Bob just made some wonderfully fluffy and tasty pancakes, and we have quite a bit of blue sky at the moment.

I'm enjoying Fatty Goodlander's book: Buy, Outfit, and Sail. We have it on our Kindles.

Kindles are so great for boat folk. As I mentioned the other day (Towel Day), Douglas Adam's book The Ultimate Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy is quite a hefty tome at 832 pages as it weighs 1.85 pounds. The Kindle version is weightless AND spaceless.

We have the Kindle apps on our Android tablets but prefer the non-glare, easy-to-read screen of the actual Kindle device for reading books. You can read them outside in the daylight, too! I think our next Kindle (we have one Kindle and one rooted Nook) will be a Paperwhite version because it has a built-in light for night reading.

Sounds like an excellent Father's Day present.