Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Coming of the Second iPod

We are now a two iPod boat with a 4GB mini and a 6GB mini. I was going to wait a bit before buying a second iPod but Apple has discontinued them with the release of their new Nano iPods. The mini iPod (I like the pink!) does everything that we need and at a good price so we wanted to get them while they were still in stock.

The next thing we have to purchase is a waterproof housing to keep it dry. Don't know about taking it in the water with us while snorkeling but it would be a good thing to have when things get a bit wet in the cockpit. It's going to be a good companion while on watch. The listening time on one charge is something like 16 hours! We have a couple of language courses (French and Spanish) on them, audiobooks, podcasts, along with music!

Check it out!