Sunday, October 16, 2005


It was another beautiful day in St. Maarten and we tackled a few of the items on "The List".

I really enjoy splicing. Here is a photo of the chain hook I spliced this morning. It is a team effort as I splice and Bob does the finishing whippings.

We also dealt with our anchor chains. We spliced rope onto the two forward chains and rearranged their stowage in the anchor locker.

Bob also worked in the cockpit. We are installing a new teak cockpit coaming and this is a photo of Bob cleaning up the cubby hole under the winches.

A productive day!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This has been one of our favorite stores since coming to Simpson Bay, St Maarten. They have a large selection of nice wine with a range of prices.

Today, we finally took Ashok and Ajit up on their offer of a rum tasting. They carry a line of flavored rums produced on the French side of St. Martin. We tried several varieties and we were pleasantly surprised that the rum was good as we are not fans of French rums. When we lived in France we learned to request something else when offered rum (nasty stuff that has to be cut with fruit juice). But this rum was quite tasty. We bought a bottle of banana rum which must have a full banana sliced up in the bottle. This is their most popular flavor. We also tried coconut, vanilla, coffee, and something with a blue color. They were all very good. It was a difficult choice to just choose one and we'll have to go back for another bottle soon.

Connoisseur's Duty Free is conveniently located for boats as they are on the dock at Palapa Marina, plus they deliver. They also sell soft drinks, liquor, ice, and Cuban cigars.

Check them out!
Palapa Center, 3
Airport Road, Simpson Bay
St. Maarten (Netherland Antilles)
Phone: (599) 545 2902
(if calling from the USA, use international dialing code of 011 before the number)