Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trans-Atlantic Passage Opportunity

I just wanted to pass along this fantastic opportunity to make a transatlantic passage with a very experienced crew and well-founded yacht.

TransAtlantic Crossing Charter: Yacht ANAHITA May-June 2014
Cross the Atlantic Ocean with Charter Yacht Anahita this Spring

The charter yacht ANAHITA, a 62-foot Dynamique sloop, has an opening for two paying crew on their 6th eastbound trans-Atlantic crossing. This is an excellent opportunity to get some sea miles and a unique adventure. Join Captain Bijan and Chef Roseanne in St. Thomas, USVI for the May 1st departure.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Testing...Tsunami Warning

This morning while having morning coffee in bed, there was a series of amplified tones coming from the shore. We could hear the warning tones but didn't catch the message until the third time that it was a test (and only a test) of the tsunami warning system.

Tsunami sign on St Croix, USVI

Our cats heeded the message, headed to the high ground of a cabinet, and were anxiously looking about waiting for us to do something.

Boat Bits has an interesting link to an article titled: Deadly Caribbean Tsunami Risk Overlooked

Actually, we have been having tsunami-size wakes from the mini-cigarette boats all morning as this is a holiday and also the last day of the St Croix Ag Fest.

W O W... Did we just get tossed about! It was one of those dump everything that's not bolted down onto the floor type of wakes. I grabbed on to the computers while Bob tried to control the knocked over coffee pot and other stuff (a hurtling cabbage is quite a scarey thing).

After basic damage control I ran outside and it appears that it was one of the ferries that are transporting people over from St Thomas to the Ag Fest. Fortunately, it only happens once a year and this is its last day.

Here comes another one... Battle stations :)

So it goes...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

My goodness... it's the middle of February already... and it is 2014 (I keep typing 2012).

But that's OK because it is Valentine's Day and we also have a 3-day weekend with Monday being President's Day.

Hope you are having a good one, too!

Hmmm... it's too quiet today... Might listen to some HEART

Monday, February 10, 2014

Round Reef, St Croix - Boat grounding, continued

There was an article in the St Croix Source about the recent grounding of a ship on Round Reef, St Croix, USVI...

Ship Grounding Tore Gash in Coral Reef

I think that an improved marker buoy would be nice... Maybe a billboard?