Sunday, March 13, 2016

Daylight Saving Time 2016

I didn't realize today was the beginning of Daylight Saving Time until Bob told me... Thanks!

2:00am is now 3:00am

DST begins on the second Sunday of March for the USA and Canada. This is when you must set your clocks forward... Spring Ahead.

Most countries in the Caribbean do NOT change. We stay the same all year round. A few US states and some areas of Canada also ignore DST. What a mess that must cause.

Mexico changes their clocks on April 3, 2016 except for some areas that border the USA which follows USA time.

The UK and France (along with other European countries) change time on the last Sunday of March.

Of course, in the autumn, the dates to return to standard time also varies from place to place but we won't worry our pretty little heads about that just now :)

(By the way, it is "Saving" and not "Savings")