Friday, February 22, 2008

KITTEN UPDATE: Buffy & Willow 16wks old

Buffy & Willow went to the vet this week for their third set of vaccinations. They were such good girls!

They both weigh the same as each other... 5.2 pounds. Chris said that they are going to be BIG cats.

Next Wednesday they'll return to the vet to be neutered, chipped and tatooed. Not looking forward to the night before when we won't be able to have food and water down for them after 8pm. Don't expect to get much sleep :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Updating our Amazon Store

This morning I've been updating our ALL ABOUT BOATS and MORE Amazon Store.

I've added a "PET" category, plus I added a couple of books to the "Books: Cruising with Pets" category. I went to the first page in our "Pet" section which has a brush, cat grass, cat toilet training kit, and some pet carriers. This page has a "SIMILAR ITEMS" section in the right column with three items listed... the first was for catnip, the third was for a cat book, but the second item really amazed me... it was a PlayStation 3 Wireless Controller! Is this a cat toy? Is it to train one's cat? Funny :)

Remember to check out our A-Store. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find things on Amazon so we have done the searching for you... such as cruising guides. Unfortunately, not much new for Venezuela... just the Chris Doyle book which we'll have to get soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

VOIPBUSTER - Skype alternative

The other day on the St. Maarten Cruisers Radio Net (VHF 14, 07:30a.m. AST), s/v Magic gave a report on VOIPBUSTER as an alternative to Skype.

Here's their link:

We have a Skype subscription through December 2008 so we'll stick with them, plus Grand Central.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Buffy & Willow Venture Outside

lHere’s a photo I took of our kittens, Buffy & Willow.

They’ve gone out a few times this week but they’re cool about it. I was afraid that once they went out they would always be trying to get out but they went out for a few minutes while we were in the cockpit then they went back inside like it is no big deal.

Friday update: Here's the photo. Was finally able to upload it this morning. The cats were out in the cockpit when it started to rain. They looked confused. Bob wrangled them inside, but Willow jumped out again, and in, and out, and in.... Willow was actually pretty damp! Of course, they had to go and lay on the bed :) BUT, at least they didn't venture into the litter box and get clumping cat litter stuck between their toes.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Items in stores should be priced


Aargh! This really bugs me. Today I bought some instant mashed potatoes in a foil pouch at the Gourmet Marche in Simpson Bay, SXM. The code has not been registered in the computer but for the last 3 weeks, we've been told it is 1.35 guilders. Today, there is a price for the plain potatoes at 1.35NAF but none for the other type... but it is in the computer now for 2.99 guilders. More than twice the price, but I didn't want to hassle and just bought the 4 pouches but never again as they are not THAT special. (I know, look at the bright side... I was actually getting the better product for a discount.)

So, I guess that helped to put me in the mood for Budget Marine. They still have pricing "issues". I had to wait in line for about 10 minutes while they were trying to figure out how much some 24V pump cost as they only had a 12V one in the computer and the catalog... Why they were looking in 2008 catalog (wait isn't this 2008?) I don't know because it is not an accurate source of prices.

Anyway.... We bought a 3oz tube of Super Lube. Bob told me it was $6.00 (tube had a code but no price) and I was surprised she told me it was $5.95 with my discount (plus everything is 10% off marked prices as it is). I went to the shelf and it was marked $6.80 on the label. Zeros and eights look very similar.... So when I got back up to the front of the line to tell her what the marked price was, she had to go to the back of the store and look for herself. Which is OK, but really all I wanted was the one item... she saw the tag and we went back and I got the right price. As it was an American product, I was happy that she didn't give me the "euro" excuse.

Well, at least it was lube if you catch my drift... )

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

WANTED: Good Mexican Restaurant

Bob showed me this blog post this morning on Guilty Carnivore for a wonderful looking Mexican taco stand (Taqueria Pico de Gallo) in South Tucson, Arizon.

Check out these photos and the receipt!

(Photos from Guilty Carnivore)

Do you think they would consider opening a restaurant in the Caribbean?

If you are having problems with the permalink for the posting mentioned above go to his home page and scroll down to the "Eating Tucson: Taqueria Pico de Gallo" post dated, February 4, 2008.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


It's Groundhog day again! Will Monday be a bank holiday?

He saw his shadow so you know what that means... Yep, 6 more weeks of wintery weather.

Here's a picture that I took of Marigot, St. Martin this morning... just another winter's day...

You may want to check out the official web site for Ground Hog Day and read the prediction: CLICK HERE

Remember, if you want to leave your particular winter wonderground and come on down to the islands for a quick getaway, contact us about a crewed yacht charter sailing vacation. CLICK HERE for our contact info!

Keep warm!

Friday, February 01, 2008

NOAA Weather now on VHF in St Maarten St Martin

NOAA weather is now relayed in St. Maarten / St. Martin on VHF Weather Channel 2.