Thursday, June 23, 2011

I want this folding dinghy

We plan on building Bolger's Tortoise. We have had three and are very happy with this boxy boat. It rows great, carries a load, and nobody is going to steal it at the dinghy dock.

But, we would really like a space-saving, folding dinghy and this one from Wooden Widget seems to fill the bill.

6' 2" Fliptail Folding Dinghy

What's not to like?

Read more about it at BoatBits.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Caturday with Simon's Cat

It's Caturday today. It is a beautiful sunny morning in St Croix. Seems like a good time to do a spot more work on the mast, but we really must walk up to the grocery store first. So It Goes...

By the way, we bought gasoline for our dinghy yesterday. Last time we filled our 6-gallon tank for our 5HP Tohatsu was April 7th... That's 72 days on less than 6 gallons. See why we prefer our 5HP to our previous 15HP? It might not go as fast but what's the hurry? We can still move So It Goes with it, if necessary, too.

Gas is still $4.55/gallon (I heard that gas prices have fallen in the USA) but at least it hasn't gone up.  I don't understand why we have to sign a "Fuel Tax Exemption" form as you can buy gas cheaper at a service station. You'd think that if I bought tax-exempt fuel, it would be less expensive. Oh yes, this is St. Croix Marine.

Here's a new Simon's Cat. I enjoyed it and hope you will, too.

Simon's Cat in "Hidden Treasures"

What's under your fridge?  I'm scared to look :)