Thursday, March 16, 2006

Easy solution to our lighting needs

We need to install some cabin lights but hate running wire...

Today when I visited they had some Sylvania LED "tap lights" that were VERY interesting. The customer reviews were good and they are reported to last 100 hours at maximum brightness using 3 AAA batteries. They are only $9.49 each so we are buying half a dozen. You can repeatedly stick them and see where they work best which is nice.

You can order them from Amazon... CLICK HERE


Friday, March 10, 2006

Skype phone for MACs !!! Finally!

Finally, MAC users now have a functional Skype USB phone.

We just ordered this phone from Amazon (click on this link to order) and we will let you know the results. We have been using a Plantronics headphone but I'm just not comfortable having this thing on my head so we've rarely been online with Skype. Now, we can plug the phone into my iBook and just let it be until we have to perform an action... No longer will we receive a call and have to scurry to get the headset the phone will be close at hand. Yes, it has a cord. I'm happy it has a cord because then I know it is somewhere within a few feet of the computer rather than in the cockpit or perhaps up in the forepeak... You know how it goes...

Once you get the phone, just download the MAC driver from the manufacturer's web site. No problem according to the reviews we have read...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bullwinkle, ship's cat photo

Here's a photo of Bullwinkle (Mr. B) that I took on Friday. He is waiting for us to come out in the cockpit as sundown approaches.

Il est beau!

The Simpson Bay Lagoon has been pretty crowded for the last few days because of the 26th annual Heineken Regatta. The weather has been pretty good but there was no wind today so they cancelled the final day of racing. This was OK with most folks as it just meant that the beach parties would start a bit earlier!