Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Already we have the first storm of 2007 season, Andrea

What does this forebode? It is May 9th and we have the first (sub)tropical storm of the season just off the coast of Florida.

Look at the good side, it's one name off the list! There goes Andrea...

Hoping for a quiet summer!

All the best!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

St. Maarten Free WiFi - Fathoms

JULY 2009 UPDATE: this location is now THE BLUE MARTINI. Haven't been there.


We just had lunch at Fathoms which is in the Lagoon on the Dutch side of St. Maarten between Bobby's Boatyard and Turtle Pier. They have a dinghy dock but be careful because it is very shallow. They have a stage so they probably have entertainment some nights.

About 6 weeks ago, we were having problems with our WiFi provider and we really needed to send out some important email so we went to check out the bar/restaurant Fathoms. Their WiFi service was OK and free. We had lunch there and it was OK, but... I had the tuna steak sandwich but didn't see the advertised avocado and it was kinda ho-hum. Bob had the lunch special. Cokes are $2.00 and come in a glass. Normally you get a glass of ice and the Coke can. Lunch specials might be $8.00. Lunch seems to be between $9-$12. As you can tell, I'm not wowed by the place and we don't plan to go back. I'd rather go to MacDonalds when I need free WiFi or Rik's Place. I would have preferred the taco salad at Rik's place than Fathom's fish & chips. Rik's Place has a dinghy dock. Rik's is in the Lagoon between the Dutch bridge and Palapa Marina (across the street from MacDonald's).

Today we took our laundry over to Bobby's Boatyard and we went to Fathoms again for lunch to give them a second chance. We both had the fish (mahi-mahi) and chips for $10 each. It came with a bit of salad and fries. Three small lumps of fried deep-fried fish that were 2 or 3-inches long.

In my opinion, the fish and chips at The Boathouse (between Simpson Bay Marina and the bridge to Isle de Sol Marina) are MUCH BETTER. I think their fish & chips are $10.95 but you get two large pieces of fish and a good amount of salad with fries. Good tartar sauce & cocktail sauce comes with it as well. We always find the service cheerful at the Boathouse and you usually get decent service. Gratuity of 15% is included on the bill, but we usually leave a couple of bucks as well. Plus, The Boathouse has a Lunch Card. Once you have your 8 boxes initialled, you get your 9th lunch free. No WiFi...

Jimbo's at Simpson Bay Marina has/had free WiFi. Haven't been there in a while though. One reason is because it takes so so so long to get your check to leave. I think we still have quite a few "Jimbo Dollars" that we must use or give to someone for free drinks.

So, remember that this is just my opinion... might be different for you :)

All the best!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

St Maarten Bridge Opening Times

The bridge on the Dutch side of St. Maarten was supposed to go to Summer Hours on May 1st. This hasn't happened yet as they must first receive authorization from Curacao to change their schedule which they expect next week (so soon?).

For more information on fees and opening times, see our previous post: CLICK HERE

Have an excellent day!