Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caturday... So it goes...

Is it Saturday already? I didn't realize I missed "Rapture Day" yesterday. Must have been a non-event.

Caturday Sisters

Thursday, October 20, 2011

ARRRGGGGHHHH, I hate my WiFi "service"

<rant>Our wifi service in St Croix, while never very good, has again been really crappy for the past week. There was a bit of OK time on Monday though which goes to show that THEY are having problems (nothing has changed with us or our equipment and land-based users are having issues, too). Of course, if I called to let them know that something might be amiss, they would just say that everything is hunky-dory on their end... Right...

Sort of reminds me many years ago (1997-ish) when Dave was showing us how fast you could receive internet service from Cobex on St Thomas, while actually everything he was showing us was residing on his hard drive... Duh! I pointed this out to him and he admitted that was the case :)

Anyway, our Intermittent Service Provider is doing a good job of living up to that moniker today.  We are on for 2 minutes then off... on for 30 seconds and off... on... off... off... off... off... on WOW... Nope off again... VERY FRUSTRATING and "I only have this one little thing and then I'll shut down and get started on a boat project". Then you realize that ANOTHER hour has gone by... sigh

This is another reason we want to leave St Croix.

A few months ago I called Choice and asked them if I could do a trial day on their service (they have one hotspot in this area) and if I like it to then put that day as credit towards a month (it is something like $10/day & $60/month). But they just didn't seem to understand. And, since we (and many other people we know) had such a bad experience with Choice in Charlotte Amalie two years ago, I just don't want to waste another ten bucks for nothing but more frustration... but maybe it will be good... maybe...

But, what if I hit Choice on one of their good days (because Broadband_VI does admittedly have the occasional good day) and I sign up for a month and get typical lousy service?

The last time I called Broadband VI about their lack of service the technician suggested I use AT&T or Sprint! What does that tell you???

So, I guess we'll stay with the one whose "reliability" we can count on until we can blow this pop shop and get out of Dodge.</rant>

So it goes...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Favorite things: I can see clearly now...

One of my favorite things is a fresh pair of contact lenses. I opened my contact case and my right lens wasn't there. Oh well, it has been more than 5 weeks so it's a good excuse to start a new pair.  Ahhhhhh, nice!

I was going to write more but, once again, our internet "service" is very slow and keeps dropping out. Thank you Broadband_VI. And, it is not just us (as they seem to always blame the user) but I've spoken to land-based users who also experience extreme slowness and lack of connectivity to the internet.

I have more important things to do than just press Refresh and rebooting my router in hopes for an improvement...

Let's see if this will post... It didn't post.... It's now Thursday... More rant soon come :)

So It Goes :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dennis Ritchie dies & Anchored boat towed by whales

I've come across two interesting articles this morning.
Dennis Ritchie, 1941-2011: Computer scientist, Unix co-creator, C programming language designer.
Read more here.
This is a nice tribute in SmallDog's blog. It is the first article after the introduction to the newsletter.

and something strange...
Glenn Wilson and Nerida Higgins were enjoying a quiet evening moored in their yacht off Australia's Queensland coast when the whale got their boat's anchor rope in its mouth and dragged them out to sea. 
Read more and see the video HERE.

One more cup of coffee and then it's time to do some boat work.

So it goes...

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sint Maarten New Telephone Country Area Code

Monday, October 10 2011, marks country Sint Maarten's first birthday. It came into being as an autonomous country within the Dutch Kingdom on 10-10-10.

Sint Maarten & Saint Martin

A new telephone country code went into effect on September 30th. The country's new dialing code is 1-721. The old 599 number will go out of service on September 30, 2012.

To call Dutch St Maarten from the USA, for example, dial:
  • New prefix: 1 721 + seven digit telephone number
  • Old prefix: 011 599 + seven digit telephone number
To call the FRENCH side, you need a different code... bien sûr !

So it goes...