Thursday, September 22, 2005

First day of Autumn

Well, today, September 22, 2005 is the first day of Autumn. The length of our day today in St.Maarten is 12 hours and 7 minutes with sunrise at 6:01am and sunset at 6:08pm.

As we are at 18 degrees north, the days won't get too much shorter... Not like when I worked in Paris and in the depths of winter (brrrrr) it would be dark when I arrived at work and dark when going home (although the long summer nights were nice!)

Bullwinkle seems to have noticed the change in day length as he has been shedding somewhat.

Daylight savings time should be ending soonish, I'll have to check that out. We don't have it in the Caribbean. We are always 4 hours behind GMT.