Monday, September 19, 2005

Walker Bay Dinghy

We bought an 8-foot Walker Bay Dinghy (rowing version) last month. We really wanted to buy one last October/November but Budget Marine here in St.Maarten was sold out of them and, like everything else we needed, would arrive in 6-8 weeks.

But, we lucked out! We were walking into Budget Marine to buy a few nuts and bolts and there was a dinghy in the parking lot displayed suspiciously like it was going to be a great deal. I ran in and inquired about it while Lilly was in the process of typing up the "For Sale" sign. 25% off because of a few dings (well it is a ding-ee, isn't it?).

I may be cheap but know it good deal when I see one. Bob concurred. We bought it and Bob rowed it home. We made a little video to show the boat to my brother, but you can look at it if you wish: Watch Sheila Row the Walker Bay Dinghy Video (2.8MB QuickTime video).

I was very surprised when I noticed that the Walker Bay Dinghy is from Union Gap, Washington just outside of my hometown of Yakima... Do any of you remember the group Gary Puckett and the Union Gap??? My brother is a little farther down the highway and he sent us an article about the good folks at Walker Bay sending 200 of their 8-foot boats to navigate the flood waters of New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina. Good show!

Check them out at:

We'd like to make a sailing rig for this little boat but that will have to wait a bit as our Job Jar is already overflowing.