Monday, November 14, 2005

Veteran's Day in the Boatyard

We spent our long weekend on the hard in the boatyard. On Thursday, November 10th, we hauled out our Cal-34 So It Goes at Bobby's Marina at Simpson Bay Lagoon in St Maarten and we launched Monday November 14th.

We were satisfied with our accomplishments as we completed all the tasks we wanted to do and thus shortened "The List".

I drilled 4 holes in the bottom of the boat to reroute our cockpit drains. Bob applied the new antifouling paint, Sea Hawk Islands 44, with the help of his iPod. We'll see how it does. Simpson Bay Lagoon has to be one of the nastiest places for fouling... especially when we were anchored over in the part by Budget Marine. We are now closer to the airport extension and the water is much cleaner. We also drilled a couple of more holes in the bottom for our new depth sounder and log. Worked on the installation of our RVG windvane self-steering gear.

As we had to stay out for five days because of the long holiday weekend, we weren't rushed and didn't worry when the rain came (it usually waited until we were finished with an outside chore like painting).

On Monday morning, the travelift put us back in the water and there were no leaks from the new thruhulls... Hurray!