Sunday, June 04, 2006

New French Bakery on St. Maarten Lagoon (sxm)

LA SUCRIERE is a French bakery with terrace seating. They are located on the Simpson Bay Lagoon (Dutch side) and they are right next to the FedEx building across the way from Budget Marine. They do have cleats to tie up your dinghy but it is a bit shallow and there are objects in the water so we tie up next door at the FedEx dock and just walk around to the road and enter in their front door.

It is a very nice atmosphere to have coffee and a croissant, plus a pain au chocolat, out on the terrace. Besides having the normal French breakfast pastries and quiches, they also have bread (slicer too!), cakes, and tartes.

I haven't tried their eclairs yet... perhaps tomorrow!