Monday, July 24, 2006

LED Lights - UPDATE - Good News!

We're impressed. We got an email response from Bebi Electronics and it is the middle of the night over in Fiji. He's going to send us a new unit immediately! Thanks!!!

Dear Sheila and Bob,

We're very sorry you've had a problem and will get another one off post-haste. As before, we will send a second email to confirm shipment: expect it late today or tomorrow (our time).

Question to you on the failure mode: Did a single LED fail, a group of LED's, or is there no output at all? As we know that you purchased the product, there is no need to return the unit if you can give me the information I need for failure analysis.

In spite of our testing, as you empirically know, there are still failures (6th in the last year out of 3500), hence our lifetime warrantee. The best we can possibly do is make it good to the customer, without argument or any lame excuses. Please accept our apologies.

Best regards,
Michael Homsany
Bebi Electronics, Ltd.
When it gets dark tonight, we will examine the unit to see how many LEDs are not working, and send Michael a photo if possible.

We'll keep you posted as to what happens. So far, we are very impressed with their SERVICE which most companies don't seem to understand anymore...